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A Week with Buck Davidson Jr.!

JAE took a trip recently to PA to have a week long training session with Buck Davidson!  the drive was long but the week was worth every driving minute.  Jessica Brown, Claire Howard, Nola White Howard, Grace Smith, Huck Smith, Hannah Ledford, Tamara Ledford, Mollie Carter, Mary Kathryn Elliott Carter, Drew Mclendon, Amanda Mclendon, Wesley Ann Norton, Mary Norton all attended! I have been sidelined by an injury so I couldn’t ride, but I took Fernhill Hollywood so Buck could …put a few training rides on him. I watched these girls transform throughout the week..not only through the riding lessons but working together to help each other out!  It was so great for me to have all the girls in one spot, so i was able to have educational sessions such as: proper saddle-fitting, and how to properly wrap a leg. Buck was so generous with his lesson time with the girls! Plus He took them on a tour around the farm to see some his top horses including Ballynocastle, Petit Flower, and the Appentice… The girls were in heaven. Caroline Martins farm was beautiful!!  We felt very welcome…We had our own little barn in the back of the property along with our own paddocks. Caroline, along with a couple other girls that work with Buck, took time out of their very busy day to give a little talk about horse management, and the young rider program to the girls.

I CAN NOT thank Tamara, Amanda, and Nola for suppling us with food and drinks for the week! you guys were awesome!!

Drew got sidelined during the xc lesson. She and Thor took a tumble. Thor is fine, unfortunately Drew’s arm was injured but she is on the road to recovery. Buck gave her a signed Ecogold saddlepad from the WEG last year wishing her well!! We love you honey…. get well soon!

The girls are already talking about going again next year!!!

We had a heck of a good time!!! Thank you Team BDJ!!

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