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Meet Jade Anderson

Jade’s passion for horses first began when she was about 2 yrs old and her mom (Denise Anderson) would set Jade on her horse all the time.

Jade’s parents supported her passion by buying her a pony when she was about 7. She rode bareback for quite some time until her parents saw her dedication and bought her a western saddle. After many years of bounding through the woods, playing cowboys and Indians, and racing across the pastures, Jade at 12yrs old wanted to be apart of a horse discipline that was competitive. When they decided to let her take lessons, Jade’s dad (Jack Anderson) started searching for a barn and was given a card to Wood n Horse Stables (an event barn). Jade fell in love with the sport of Eventing instantly.



Her accomplishments include:

  • Has achieved her bronze and silver medals with the USDF
  • Preparing for the the Grand Prix aboard Logan
  • 1992 competed in 1st CCI* at age 14

  • Competed in 1st CCI** at age 16
  • Competed in1st Advanced at age 18
  • Has won multiple OI competitions on “Galactic Jazz” and “Cor Anglaise”
  • 2nd Intermediate Championships -”Galactic Jazz”
  • Was an active member off the Area III Young Riders
  • Competed on the CCI* team @NAYRC (North American Young Rider Championships)
  • Won team Gold Medal on the CCI* team at NAYRC
  • Was a working student for Ralph Hill 1998
  • Was a working student for Phillip Dutton 2006 www.phillipdutton.com
  • Currently works with long time friend and mentor Julie Richards
  • Started working with Jules and Libby Anderson (Dressage trainer) at Teamwork Dressage 5 yrs ago and continues to work with her to really focus on dressage techniques.
  • Multiple students competed in this years AECs
  • Jade currently has multiple horses in training and is excited to compete this year at Prix St Georges!!