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Fernhill Oreo – CCI* – Virginia HT

Well of course I wish I could have brought home the Blue from the CCI* @ the VA horse park, BUT we did finish 3rd!!!!
I’m SUPER proud of Fernhill Oreo, what a GREAT horse, he felt wonderful today. We show jumped indoors and he handled like a pro, we had the last fence down and I rode very conservative around to also add some time. I’m kicking myself but I’m walking away with more Knowledge of my horse and how to get the job done better.
It was a great week!!! Thrilled for Fernhill Oreo!

As always loads of people are responsible for allowing this week to happen, and for “Adam” to feel and look his best!

Thank you to:
Holly Malcom for the constant care of Adam!
Southern Crescent Equine (Dr Jason Mclendon)
Dr Chris Newton
Farrier: Michael Beard Cody Dennis
My Dad, Jack Anderson, sis Taylor AndersonHolli Mangham for taking care of the farm while I’m away.
To my loving supportive husband Kyle Anthony Kyle Tucker!

Peri Lambros and Cathryn Alexa Brekken PEMF certified therapist for keeping Adam supple and relaxed. I’m a BELIEVER!! 

And my awesome Sponsors:
Custom Saddlery, Nancy Walker Bardy with Harmony Saddlefitting for always making sure of good tack fit!!
Peggy Miles for always staying in touch with my horses nutrition!

Thank you to Carol Gee for picking out such a talented boy!!
It truly is a team of people!
Thank you all so much!

Go JAE!!

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