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July 4th Chatt Hills HT

This past week was the Chatt Hills HT!!! JAE rocked it! Andrea Glazer/Bea WON their OI division Carla VanEffen/Remastered finished 2nd in the STR! Erin Ashley Chalmers/Light the Lights finished 5th in the ON! Karen Abrams/ Dreamer- finished 5th in the SBN!… Andrea and Karen are the cutest mom and daughter competitors!!! Pleasure teaching you both! ….and finally Holly Malcom/Ariston owned by Christiane Garton-WON the OBN division!! Holly shows up everyday to work at my farm to help me and care for all the horses! Its nice to see someones hard work pay off!! Congrats

As a coach its rewarding to see all my competitors achieve their goals!!

Congrats Ladies! Go JAE!!!!!11695949_690485864388814_1521706899262656854_n 11695009_690486217722112_6070774471051470024_n 11693817_690485841055483_7867082430373868038_n 11667462_690485694388831_5005129924002816387_n 11666234_690485671055500_3329839249191958563_n 11665608_690486124388788_4934465582564676953_n 11401475_922388431156135_421081253198166447_n 11232897_690485667722167_3729217019870400980_n 11222069_690486187722115_3662518060953918782_n 10404147_690485724388828_5954510709703358712_n


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