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Lessons with Jason Canton


I’m in persuit of my Bronze, Silver,and Gold medal with my dressage horse “Logan”.  I have been training with Jules Anderson of Teamwork Dressage  for over 5 years. Jules is not only a wonderful teacher, but a good friend. I have been a working student for her a few times and try to get down to Jupiter, FL to work with her when I can, but with gas prices so high its hard to make the trip. In order to accomplish my goals within a realistic amount of time I need more consistent help. I was recently referred to Jason Canton, a very accomplished professional dressage rider in Alpharetta, GA.  I have now taken multiple lessons from him and it is helping me to stay on track and not to plateau in my riding.  Jason’s teaching parrellels a lot of how Jules teaches, so I’m lucky to have found him!!  I hope to return to Jules’ farm in early March.

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