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Pine Top – Prelim Olympics!

February 27th, 2017

JAE just finished up with Pine Top HT!
Let me just say that the Preliminary was like the Preliminary Olympics!! It was in no way a bad course… It was just a very challenging course!
I rode Fernhill Oreo whose rideability continues to get better and better! Jumped around the cross country like a boss!!!! FEARLESS!!!
Hannah Ledford improved her dressage by 12 points! Then had a good show jump… Had 2 rails but are minor fixes.
Started out cross country owning it but then went from jump 5 to jump 7……OOPS!!!! We all know what happened then….. So I awarded Hannah with two awards. 1. Failing to Win award! 2. Made your Trainer cry award!!! (These are funny little awards that she herself gave me before the show…. Funny how that worked out).
And last but not least , I have to applaud Grace Smith aboard Fernhill Saulsford Nazar for WINNING the Young Rider Open Preliminary!!!! I’m so thrilled with this pair…. They have consistently improved at each of their last 3 shows!!! They made the cross country look like child’s play!!!
Congrats honey!

Go JAE!!!

Thank you to my sis, Taylor Anderson and my Dad, Jack Anderson for helping and supporting me the whole weekend!!
And to Holly Malcom and Ana T Mendoza for taking care of the farm back home!!!!

To my sponsors, Custom Saddlery, Southern States feed, and constant help from our Saddle fitter Nancy Walker Bardy, with Harmony Saddlefitting, and to Meredith Shaw Photography!!

Cheers guys!!🍷🏆🏆

October Chatt HT

November 5th, 2016

Wrap up of Chatt Hills HT last weekend!!!
Gosh where do I start!!!

Grace Smith/Fernhill Saulsford Nazaar continue to improve their dressage and and added yet another clear clear cross country to their record!!! (Training level)

Claire Howard finished 5th aboard Fernhill Euro Star in the Novice division! It was this pairs BEST outing to date!!

Hannah Ledford/Fernhill Music Man owned by Mike Ledford competed in the Novice division to finish 4th!!! This is Hannahs NEW horse whom she has only had 2 weeks prior to show!! Well done

I rode Fernhill Q who just keeps getting more and more Fun!!! One of the bravest horses Iv ridden and will be an exceptional Young Rider horse!!! (Training division)

And last but not least my 2 BN competitors!! They killed it

Gillian Pressel rode Into the Mist owned by little Sarah Ledford to WIN the BN division!! This was her VERY first HT!! Awesome job!!

Also competing in their very FIRST HT together was Carrie Stryker/Sam!! This pair finished 5th!! This pair went out and ate up the XC!!! It was fun to see these two trusting one another!!!

Thank you Holly Holly Malcom as always for your help over the weekend!!!

And to my sponsors: Custom Saddlery, Southern States Feed, And Thank you to Harmony Saddle Fitting Nancy Walker Bardy for all you do!!!


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Welcome to America!

January 31st, 2016

“Oliver” made it to the states safe and sound and he’s perfect!!! Congratulations Andrea Glazer!


Fernhill EuroStar is finally here!!!! Huge CONGRATS to The Howard family! Claire I’m so happy for you!! It will be a fun new chapter!


GDCTA Awards Gala

January 31st, 2016

Last night JAE attended the GDCTA awards Gala.
I am sooo thrilled for my girls!
Claire Howard, Grace Smith, and Hannah Ledford ALL received a letterman jacket!!! This is for maintaining a 3.5 GPA, volunteer hours at our local shows, and finishing on a score 35.0 or better at 2 events!!!
Also these 3 girls were the top 3 highest scoring Junior Novice riders in our area last year!!!!
This is what makes my job super fun!!
I’m over the moon!!
Congrats ladies!!!
Go JAE!!!!

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New Home for Curious George!

November 19th, 2015

Congratulations to this wonderful family on the purchase of Curious George! I’m so happy for you Ann Preston… Good Luck with him honey!!!


Virginia Horse Trials!

November 3rd, 2015

That’s a wrap! What a wonderful birthday weekend!

Took two horses, C-note and Just Wait to compete in the CCI* at the Virginia Horse Trials. It was the first CCI for both horses, and both horses are coming home with a completion ribbon!! It was the longest and most challenging course both horses have had to face. C-note owned by Priscilla Vinson Luna & Susanne Luna Taunton handled herself like a professional all weekend. Today, show jump day, proved that the XC had taken a bit out of CeCe but she finished with all heart. I will re-evaluate my conditioning plan for her in the coming year. The talent and heart this mare shows is exceptional.
Just Wait (Milo), has been my biggest challenge over this past year trying to gain ride-ability. Mission accomplished!!! This horse laid down his best dressage test to date. Was a machine around the XC, and laid down a double clear show jump this afternoon finish in the top twenty. I am
over the moon with his progress!!
It was such a fun week having Priscilla and her lovely sister, Billie Jean with us. They made sure we stayed warm by bringing the Keurig and fixing hot chocolate!! It was so great to have our own tack stall decorated with goodies & green grass, we would fit into the jumper world, ha! This fun filled successful week could not of happened without my right hand girl, Holly Malcom, Harmony Saddle fitting (Nancy Walker Bardy), Custom Saddlery, Southern State feed, my vet, Dr. Jason McLendon, & my farrier Mike Beard. Without this team of people the success does not happen!

Thank you guys for all that you do!!

I’d also like to give a big shout out to Jessica Brown who also competed in the Virginia horse trials. Jess competed her horse Fernhill Premiere in the OP division to finish 8th. They had a flawless xc round! Congrats, Go JAE!!

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July 4th Chatt Hills HT

July 7th, 2015

This past week was the Chatt Hills HT!!! JAE rocked it! Andrea Glazer/Bea WON their OI division Carla VanEffen/Remastered finished 2nd in the STR! Erin Ashley Chalmers/Light the Lights finished 5th in the ON! Karen Abrams/ Dreamer- finished 5th in the SBN!… Andrea and Karen are the cutest mom and daughter competitors!!! Pleasure teaching you both! ….and finally Holly Malcom/Ariston owned by Christiane Garton-WON the OBN division!! Holly shows up everyday to work at my farm to help me and care for all the horses! Its nice to see someones hard work pay off!! Congrats

As a coach its rewarding to see all my competitors achieve their goals!!

Congrats Ladies! Go JAE!!!!!11695949_690485864388814_1521706899262656854_n 11695009_690486217722112_6070774471051470024_n 11693817_690485841055483_7867082430373868038_n 11667462_690485694388831_5005129924002816387_n 11666234_690485671055500_3329839249191958563_n 11665608_690486124388788_4934465582564676953_n 11401475_922388431156135_421081253198166447_n 11232897_690485667722167_3729217019870400980_n 11222069_690486187722115_3662518060953918782_n 10404147_690485724388828_5954510709703358712_n


A Week with Buck Davidson Jr.!

July 7th, 2015

JAE took a trip recently to PA to have a week long training session with Buck Davidson!  the drive was long but the week was worth every driving minute.  Jessica Brown, Claire Howard, Nola White Howard, Grace Smith, Huck Smith, Hannah Ledford, Tamara Ledford, Mollie Carter, Mary Kathryn Elliott Carter, Drew Mclendon, Amanda Mclendon, Wesley Ann Norton, Mary Norton all attended! I have been sidelined by an injury so I couldn’t ride, but I took Fernhill Hollywood so Buck could …put a few training rides on him. I watched these girls transform throughout the week..not only through the riding lessons but working together to help each other out!  It was so great for me to have all the girls in one spot, so i was able to have educational sessions such as: proper saddle-fitting, and how to properly wrap a leg. Buck was so generous with his lesson time with the girls! Plus He took them on a tour around the farm to see some his top horses including Ballynocastle, Petit Flower, and the Appentice… The girls were in heaven. Caroline Martins farm was beautiful!!  We felt very welcome…We had our own little barn in the back of the property along with our own paddocks. Caroline, along with a couple other girls that work with Buck, took time out of their very busy day to give a little talk about horse management, and the young rider program to the girls.

I CAN NOT thank Tamara, Amanda, and Nola for suppling us with food and drinks for the week! you guys were awesome!!

Drew got sidelined during the xc lesson. She and Thor took a tumble. Thor is fine, unfortunately Drew’s arm was injured but she is on the road to recovery. Buck gave her a signed Ecogold saddlepad from the WEG last year wishing her well!! We love you honey…. get well soon!

The girls are already talking about going again next year!!!

We had a heck of a good time!!! Thank you Team BDJ!!

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Thank You to our Sponsors!

June 11th, 2015

JAE wants to thank Custom Saddlery, Nancy Walker Bardy with Harmony Saddlefitting, Southern States, and Meredith Crow Photography for all their support! It takes a village to keep all our athletes performing at their best!!



Poplar Place Championships!

June 11th, 2015

Poplar Place Farm HT hosted the 2014 year end awards for Area III!
I’m pleased to announce that Claire Howard received 6th place for the Junior Beginner Novice Division!!!
Grace Smith received the 4th place ribbon for the Junior Beginner Novice division!
These awards mean that these girls had some the highest points in Area 3!!
I’m thrilled for them…

I’m still digesting what an incredible weekend it was at the Area 3 Championships hosted by Poplar Place Farm!!

I cannot be happier with how these pairs all performed… it was one of those weekends where everything came together!
-Ariston/ Jade Anderson-Tucker owned by Christiane Garton 3rd in the TH championship division ( only his second Training level debut)
-Ann-ticapation/ Svenja Adriance 4th in their very first Training
-Danny Boy/ Hannah Ledford 4th in the Junior Novice Rider Championship division
-MM McFlurry/ Grace Smith 4th in the Junior Beginner Novice Championship divsion
….and last but not least
-Who’s Your Daddy/Claire Howard WON
the Junior Beginner Novice divsion Championship!!
Hannah, Claire, and Grace have only been doing horse trials for less than a year! I can’t wait to see what this next year holds!!
I’m so blessed to be surrounded by such a wonderful group of parents and their very talented young ladies!
Holly Malcom thank you once again for all you to help our team look its best!! And to Wesley Ann Norton for her help and support for our team!

Whoo hoo!!

Well done JAE!!!

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